DFP Alum Panel (2:00 – 2:40pm)

Where are they now?

Session Moderator: Amelia Cole

DFP Cohort 2017: iSchool

Current Role: PhD Candidate

Current Affiliation: iSchool, University of British Columbia

Ask me about: Search as learning

Website | miaco@mail.ubc.ca

Mohi Reza

DFP Cohort 2018: Computer Science

Current Role: PhD Student, Computer Science; Part-time HCI researcher (summer internship)

Current Affiliation: University of Toronto; Huawei HMI Lab

Ask me about: Human-Computer Interaction, Education Technology, Online Learning, Computer-Assisted Language Learning


Nick Hetherington

DFP Cohort 2019: Mechanical Engineering

Current Role: Intermediate Robotics Software Engineer

Current Affiliation: Cellula Robotics Ltd.

Ask me about: Human-robot interaction (HRI)


Eleanor Ren

DFP Cohort 2021: iSchool

Current Role: Health Information Analyst

Current Affiliation: BC Ministry of Health 


Winnie Li

DFP Cohort 2020: iSchool

Current Role: Electronic Resources and Reporting Librarian

Current Affiliation: University Canada West


Anna Offenwanger

DFP Cohort 2018: Computer Science

Current Role: PhD Candidate, Computer Science

Current Affiliation: Université Paris=Saclay

website |