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554K DFP Project Course

Each year we pair groups of interdisciplinary students with a DFP partner (industry, community, academic, etc.) to work on a real-world design problem, as proposed by the partner. The students then spend one semester applying their user-centered HCI skills to the challenge, resulting in new and innovative solutions. The 554K Project videos above are examples of projects that our students have worked on over the years.

Past 554K Project Partners include Microsoft Research, Samsung, BCCHRI, LlamaZoo, OceanCanada, Tableau, and more.

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View previous DFP Project Video submissions below:

2020/21: Cohort 4 Projects

Atieh Razavi Yekta (OSOT) Chelsea Palmer (iSchool) Faqia Iqbal (CS) Kim Correa (iSchool) Michael Yin (CS)
Anika Sayara (CS) Jane Jun (iSchool) Jessica Wilkin (iSchool) Kattie Sepehri (CS) Preeti Vyas (CS)
Unma Desai (CS) Devarsh Bhonde (Civil Engineering) Haomiao Zhang (Mechanical Engineering) Katra Farah (Curriculum and Pedagogy) Rubia Guerra (CS)
Abiramy Kuganesan (CS) Hannah Elbaggari (CS) Oloff Biermann (CS) Eleanor Ren (iSchool) Jin Wen (Psychology)

2019/20: Cohort 3 Projects

Mint Tanprasert (CS) Anna Lin (iSchool) Ege Unlu (CS) Oliver Jacobs (Psychology)
Thalia Otamendi (Medicine) Winnie Li (iSchool) Sang-Wha Sien (CS) Frances Sin (ECE)
Rebecca Kenny (Medicine) Zakir Suleman (iSchool) Kevin Chow (CS) Azadeh Mokhberi (ECE)

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Watch the highlights from the 2019 Design Showcase:

DFP CREATE Design Showcase 2019