Sponsoring DFP’s CREATE Design Showcase 2021

You are invited to support DFP’s 4th Annual CREATE Design Showcase. This is an ideal way to demonstrate your organization’s interest in and commitment to human centered design, and to publicize this support to DFP’s large and active community.

This event showcases the incredible research our students are doing, and helps bridge the gap between academia and industry. Many of our students are graduating soon, and are eager to make connections with the greater design community. Industry and community support allows us to offer prizes and awards to the top research projects submitted by students. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, DFP held the Showcase online for the first time last spring. The pivot to an online format was extremely successful, and will be followed again this year. 

Why Sponsor?

  • Gain access to your potential recruits: current and graduating students!
  • Engage with the latest HCI research at UBC
  • Meet our DFP faculty
  • See what makes our CREATE Grad Training Program so special!

Interested in supporting DFP’s 2021 CREATE Design Showcase? Contact our CREATE Program Manager!
Laura Ballay: lballay@cs.ubc.ca 

DFP’s 2021 CREATE Design Showcase has four corporate support levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Friends. All sponsorship levels include:

  • Sponsor logo on the Showcase webpage.
  • Sponsor logo on Sponsors slide during live event.
  • Sponsor mentioned in event Tweets.

Platinum Sponsor (1 Available)

Contribution of $500

Contribution pays for the event’s largest prize: the DFP Project Course Award. DFP “Project” is the capstone course component of the DFP CREATE Graduate Training Program, usually taken in our DFP graduate students’ 1st year of studies. In 2021, we have 5 teams of 4-5 students each, of which a jury will select one for this award.

Sponsor can choose to have one of their own representatives announce the winner, or choose to have the event MC announce the winner.

Gold Sponsors (4 Available)

Contribution of $250

mCloud Logo
MECH logo
Patrick Campbell Chair in MECH Department

Contribution pays for 1 of 4 “Open-Category” student awards. Student teams from UBC, the region and across Canada are eligible to apply to demonstrate their designs for DFP-related student research to the Design Showcase. Many of these include DFP Project alumni in later stages of their graduate programs. In 2020, we had 12 demonstrations and posters submitted by teams from several universities. This year we anticipate an even larger turnout! Open-Category awards are adjudicated by a panel of judges selected by the Showcase planning committee. Winners are announced during the Live Showcase event on May 19th, 2021.

Sponsor will be credited for the award when the MC announces the winner.

Silver Sponsors (2 Available)

Contribution of $150

Contribution pays for 1 of 2 attendee prizes (door prize; engagement prize).

Sponsor will be credited for the prize when the MC announces the winner.

Friends Sponsors (Unlimited)

Contribution of under $150

Contribution helps pay for event costs, such as web hosting.

Your support is deeply appreciated!

Sponsorship Chair

Laura Ballay
DFP CREATE Program Manager
Questions? Contact: lballay@cs.ubc.ca